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Portland Street Art Revitalizes City

We’ve heard the news. Portland is a shell of a city as protests and riots have rocked its core. While some of this is true, what’s rising out of the embers is proving that the city’s independent and artistic spirit is more intact than ever before.

For those who appreciate the heart and soul of a culture – rather than the glossy sheen of a tourist destination – there’s no better place to look than Portland. Right now the city is wearing its heart on its sleeve. Portland’s murals are an honest look at a tumultuous time, and have proliferated on boarded up walls and vacant buildings at a speed outpacing the negative news. 

The best way to see these wall-sized masterpieces is by bike, where you can pedal down hidden alleys, sneak behind gates and dip under bridges. Our city tours roll through some of the more interesting pieces on the East side, sometimes even catching the artists at work.

If you’re on your own and want to discover new pieces or see the artists in action, check out Portland Street Art Alliance’s website or Instagram account. Both are a great way to find out where it’s happening live.

Or want to learn more about the artists and their processes? Then check out these short and fun videos from filmmaker Kyle LaMontagne, whose The Art of Art youtube channel profiles local artists. Right now, we’re loving this recent video of local muralist Eyedrawp.

Lastly, stay tuned for an artsy Pedal collaboration in 2022!

New Bike Tour: Oregon Coast Adventure

New Bike Tour: Oregon Coast Adventure

State’s Top Tour Company Offers New Way to Explore Oregon’s Stunning Coast… On Two Wheels
Portland, ORE (4/21/11) – Pedal Bike Tours, Oregon’s #1 Tour Company on Tripadvisor, has announced a new sightseeing tour for daytrippers – Oregon Coast Adventure.

The easy to intermediate bike ride coasts along 10 miles of the stunning 3 Capes Loop, includes van stops at iconic coast sites like Cape Meares Lighthouse and the Tillamook Cheese Factory, as well as exploring rugged coastlines and a tunnel to a secret beach.

“We feel that the most beautiful areas of Oregon are best experienced by bicycle,” said Todd Roll, owner and biker-in-chief at Pedal Bike Tours.

Tours run daily from Pedal Bike Tours’ downtown location. The Pedal van transports guests over the lush forested coast range to Cape Meares, before enjoying an exhilarating and moderate 10-mile bike ride.

Highlights of this 8-hour adventure include touring the coastal towns of Tillamook, Oceanside and Netarts with time to explore, walk the beach and enjoy views of miles of beach and ocean at every turn. The tour includes stops for lunch and sightseeing, and brings guests back to the shop… hopefully with sandy feet, or a souvenir from one of the small towns along the path.

Prices include a bike, helmet and guided tour and costs $89.

Date: Daily

Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Where: starting at Pedal Bike Tours, 133 SW 2nd Avenue (hotel pickup available)
For more information on Pedal Bike Tours, including rates and tour information, visit, or call 503 243.BIKE (2453).

Contact Info: Todd Roll
503.243.BIKE (2453)

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First Look- The Pedal Bike Tours Cargo Bike

Here it is, the first look at our brand new cargo bike!  Tom’s Cargo Bikes has been working on this baby for a month now and boy does it look good!  It just came back from the powder coater a few days ago and Tom couldn’t wait to put it together and take it for its maiden voyage.  In this picture it doesn’t yet have its kickstand but other than that it’s ready to go!

This bike is almost completely made from recycled materials.  Tom used a recycled frame for the rear, a children’s bike for the front and scrap metal for the box.  It’s going to be useful for lots of hauling jobs, from Holly the 13yr. old dog, to groceries, building supplies and even humans (hence the sweet bench made from recycled pallets).  The seat even has a locking box so you don’t have to haul everything around with you.

The dog can hardly wait!  (Me neither actually!)

Here are a few photos of the work in progress:

A New Record- 30 Years Off The Bike

Linda Stenson

Linda Stenson

Congratulations to Linda Stenson of Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Linda was in Portland visiting her son Jason when they decided to come down to the last of this year’s Sunday Parkways and rent bikes at our booth.

The Pedal Crew

The Pedal Crew

They knew the 7 mile family friendly car free route would be a great place for Linda to get reacquainted with riding.  Linda was thrilled that we had a bike just her size, “the short leggers big butt bike” Linda called it.  They were gone for several hours and got back just at closing time.  Linda had a grin on her face a mile wide and Jason looked like he’d dunked over Shaq.  Great job Linda!  I hope to see you riding around Minnesota now!

There’s more good news, the city of Portland has just announced there will be 5 Sunday Parkways next year.  Each of this year’s events attracted tens of thousands of happy bike riders including these dogs and their mom:

Come join us next year!

Nice Day For A Ride!

Nice Day For A Ride!

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