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Portland Street Art Revitalizes City

We’ve heard the news. Portland is a shell of a city as protests and riots have rocked its core. While some of this is true, what’s rising out of the embers is proving that the city’s independent and artistic spirit is more intact than ever before.

For those who appreciate the heart and soul of a culture – rather than the glossy sheen of a tourist destination – there’s no better place to look than Portland. Right now the city is wearing its heart on its sleeve. Portland’s murals are an honest look at a tumultuous time, and have proliferated on boarded up walls and vacant buildings at a speed outpacing the negative news. 

The best way to see these wall-sized masterpieces is by bike, where you can pedal down hidden alleys, sneak behind gates and dip under bridges. Our city tours roll through some of the more interesting pieces on the East side, sometimes even catching the artists at work.

If you’re on your own and want to discover new pieces or see the artists in action, check out Portland Street Art Alliance’s website or Instagram account. Both are a great way to find out where it’s happening live.

Or want to learn more about the artists and their processes? Then check out these short and fun videos from filmmaker Kyle LaMontagne, whose The Art of Art youtube channel profiles local artists. Right now, we’re loving this recent video of local muralist Eyedrawp.

Lastly, stay tuned for an artsy Pedal collaboration in 2022!

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