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First Look- The Pedal Bike Tours Cargo Bike

Here it is, the first look at our brand new cargo bike!  Tom’s Cargo Bikes has been working on this baby for a month now and boy does it look good!  It just came back from the powder coater a few days ago and Tom couldn’t wait to put it together and take it for its maiden voyage.  In this picture it doesn’t yet have its kickstand but other than that it’s ready to go!

This bike is almost completely made from recycled materials.  Tom used a recycled frame for the rear, a children’s bike for the front and scrap metal for the box.  It’s going to be useful for lots of hauling jobs, from Holly the 13yr. old dog, to groceries, building supplies and even humans (hence the sweet bench made from recycled pallets).  The seat even has a locking box so you don’t have to haul everything around with you.

The dog can hardly wait!  (Me neither actually!)

Here are a few photos of the work in progress:

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