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We’re Rolling in Honolulu!

This past week has seen a flurry of activity in our new Honolulu branch of Pedal Bike Tours!  With shiny new bikes all built and ready to roll out the door for rentals and tours, lets take a look at the international standings:

So far the Canadians have outpaced the Yanks in Oahu bicycle tours by nearly 2 to 1.  With strong showings from the provinces both British Columbia and Quebec, the Canucks could really run away with the bike tour gold by month’s end.

In short, Uncle Sam wants YOU (to take a bike tour).  So do your patriotic duty, and sign up for one of our daily bike tours of either Honolulu or the North Shore.  Lady Liberty awaits!
On the bike rentals front, we have seen a whole host of nationalities sporting our bikes on the streets of Honolulu; folks from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and the small island-nation of Austin, Texas.

Of course there are also the Dutch…

As with cheese rolling, wooden shoes, Calvinism, and post-impressionist painting, the Dutch are winning in the bike rental category. Our new friend Michiel (visiting from the Netherlands) decided to rent a Jamis Commuter 3 for the whole week.  He loved his bike so much that yesterday he stopped by the shop to see if he could keep his bike for another two weeks.  ‘Fine by us’ we said, as he made like a Dutchman and split this joint.

Happy Pedaling everyone! And come see us at 150 Kapahulu Avenue in Waikiki.

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Biking around Oahu

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu is a pretty great place to ride a bicycle.

Just ask Pedal Hawaii’s Shop Manager, Sam Haffner.  Last week he rode his bike in one big circle all the way around Oahu.  In 112 miles, he passed by beautiful rocky coastlines,  lush green mountains, stunning waterfalls, and epic surf beaches.

Of course, a normal bike tour with Pedal Hawaii is just a fraction of the distance that Sam rode.  And it just so happens that Sam’s favorite section  was the 12 miles of biking from Sunset Bike Path to Haleiwa- the exact route of Pedal Hawaii’s ‘Explore the North Shore‘ bicycle tour.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to see all the island has to offer, leave the hard part to Pedal Hawaii, and join us for a relaxing, family-friendly, and unforgettable bike ride along the North Shore of Oahu.

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