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Tuesday Morning Wrap-up (with a little Monday on the side)

Good Morning!

Our fearless leader, taking on the mornings – One donut and cup of coffee at a time.

What a beautiful morning it was on the Steel Bridge! It was so nice to talk with some of you, daily commuters, as you braved the crisp cold air this morning.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by for some morning rewards and a nice chat. Seeing everyone riding bikes to work, or home, this morning brought a new appreciation for the city and everyone in it. Whether you all were taking a break from your commute or ride or whirling by, smiles were all around by the handful. Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!

Here’s one awesome commuter and her sweet bike

 The Hawthorne Bridge  brought us some great stories to kick off the morning and a lot of squeaky brakes.

If you haven’t seen this already, you really should, it’s pretty neat! Here is the bike counter stats from the Hawthorne Bridge for the last 30 days.

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