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10 Reasons Why Seattle Should Be Jealous Of Portland

10 Reasons Why Seattle Should Be Jealous Of Portland

Well, we heart Seattle big time too, but we do live here for a reason, or the 10 Seattle Weekly mentions in their blog (check out who’s #10…), or the 1000 more we could go on and on about…

Let’s just all agree you should come to Portland and experience the great views, green, restaurants, biking and general lifestyle that we all enjoy every day.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed.  We’ll even give you some tips on 10 reasons Portland should be jealous of Seattle, like the Space Needle, Gasworks Park, The Roanoke Tavern…

What do you think are biggest reasons Seattle should be jealous of Portland, or the other way around?


Pedal Bike Tours In Time Magazine

Time Magazine wants you to take a bike tour!  Given 24 hours in Portland Time list 10 things you should do and number 2 is you should take a bike tour across some of bridges that span the Willamette river through the center of Portland.  Our Historic Downtown tour takes us across 3 of the 4 (5 beginning next week!)  The other 9 must do things are pretty awesome too!,31489,1975826_1975753_1975578,00.html

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