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BikeCraft Brings Solidarity and Support to Local Bikey Businesses, Bike Community

Here we are once again…early December, cold, wet, and…..happy! Why? Because this weekend is BikeCraft, the awesome craft fair that showcases all kinds of unique bike accessories and bike themed gifts and gear. And it’s all local.

Not only is BikeCraft a great place to shop for fun stuff, but it is also an opportunity for bike businesses and enthusiasts to show support for our biking community. Biking is fun, but it is also a challenging commitment for many. It’s not easy biking in the rain, in the cold or against the blustery winter winds. And then there’s the dark, the cars, and the all those other things that can make riding hazardous. So it’s good to know that there is a whole community of cyclists supporting each other in their passions. We’re happy to be part of it!

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