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New Record- 77 Years Old!

Congratulations to 77 year old Tom Hunter of Denver on being the oldest person to join us on a Pedal Bike tour!  Tom was joined by his wife Jo Ella, (she’s only 71) on our Historic Downtown tour.  This was after they had already walked several miles!  Tom and Jo Ella even braved a few raindrops at the beginning of our tour and ended up having a wonderful time.  Along the way they entertained with stories of out-skiing their teenaged grandkids.

After the tour we sent them to our favorite local microbrewery, Amnesia where hopefully they celebrated with a pint and a bratwurst!  The next day they came back to check in on us and told us about the several more miles they had walked.  I thought the fountain of youth was in Florida, not Colorado!   Jo Ella’s parting advice to me was “Don’t be afraid to get old.”  I won’t Jo Ella, not if I can stay as active as you two!

Who’s going to break the record next?  I know you’re out there!

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