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Question: What do Christmas, bikes and MC Hammer have in common?

Well, at least on this Saturday (12/15), the answer is:

Pedal Bike Tours!

That’s right.  Our friends and staff are gathering together after hours to celebrate all of these things.

A healthier choice of transportation.

Join us tomorrow at 6pm at the shop for some warm drinks and holiday cheer!  We’ll be hanging out and having fun as we prepare to cruise to southeast Portland for a look at the beautiful lights of Peacock Lane.  But first….

You know you’ve got some gold hammer-pants at home…


Witness the spectacle of Portland’s own Gigi Malibu as she and her team take us on a trip down memory lane with tunes from MC Hammer, lively aerobic dance moves and lots of  day-glo fashion.  That’s right.  It’s Hammercise! Catch the magic at 6:45pm.

Finally, we’ll take to the streets at 7pm for an easy-paced ride to Peacock Lane.  Once there, you are on your own as we join the masses for “pedestrians only” night!

Join us for this exciting evening!  All are invited!


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