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Bike Rentals & Service

Whether you want to go fast or just cruise, we have a great selection of city bikes, road bikes, tandems, kids bikes, trailers, and tagalongs.

Rent a Bike

We have plenty of bikes to rent, however availability is dependent upon the season and special events. All rentals include a helmet, lock, bike map, lights, a flat repair kit and lots of friendly advice on where to ride to enjoy Portland, Oregon. Call (503) 243-2453 to check for available rentals.


We will reserve bikes in return for full payment of the 24 Hour Rental rate. This fee is included in the final rental cost. Again availability is limited and bikes are reserved only if payment is taken. There is a $10 non-refundable fee for
reservation cancellations.
  • City Bike
  • 1 Hour Rental: $10
  • 24 Hour Rental: $30
  • Extra Day Rental: $20
  • Week Rental: $100
  • Jamis Commuter bikes have a 7-speed internal hub for easy shifting. They have comfortable seats and are designed for an upright riding position.  Jamis Codas have 24 speeds and handle like a road bike while still maintaining the comfort of a city bike.
    • Road Bike
    • 1 Hour Rental: $15
    • 24 Hour Rental: $60
    • Extra Day Rental: $20
    • Week Rental: $150
    • Designed for greater speed and quality handling, Jamis Venturas make the perfect bike for longer rides with hills.  For a multi-day tour, you can’t beat the stability and comfort of a Jamis Aurora.
    • Tandem Bike
    • 1 Hour Rental: $15
    • 24 Hour Rental: $45
    • Extra Day Rental: $20
    • Week Rental: $150
    • Why rent two bikes when you can double your fun with one bike? Our tandems are perfect for that first date or that 1,000th date.
    • Kid’s Bike or Tagalong
    • 1 Hour Rental: $5
    • 24 Hour Rental: $15
    • Extra Day Rental: $10
    • Week Rental: $50
    • The Jamis Laser 20 is the perfect bike for kids just learning how to ride. The Jamis X-24 is small but has 24″ wheels, which help the wee ones to keep up on those longer family outings.
    • Trailer 
    • 1 Hour Rental: $10
    • 24 Hour Rental: $30
    • Extra Day Rental: $20
    • Week Rental: $100
    • Our Burley Trailers are the perfect option for carrying small children and furry friends.

    Manufacturer’s Info on Rentals


    City Bikes

    Jamis Commuter 3
    Available sizes 14″, 15″, 19″, 21″, 23″
    Jamis Coda Comp
    Available sizes 15″, 17″, 19″, 21″, 23″

    Road Bikes

    Jamis Ventura Comp
    Available sizes 51cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 61cm

    Tandem Bikes

    Sun Brickell Tandem
    Front suitable for riders with inseam of 29″ to 35.5″, rear suitable for riders with inseam of 26″ to 32″, max combined weight 400lbs.

    For Kids

    Jamis Laser 20
    20″ wheels. Our smallest bike suitable for those just starting to ride.
    Jamis X-24
    24″ wheels. A bike sized just below the smallest adult bikes.
    A one wheeled attachment to an adult bike that allows children to pedal but not steer.
    Burley Cub Trailer – Seats 2
    This is the perfect carrier for very small children or even furry friends.

    Bike Size Reference

    • 14″ city bikes accommodate riders ~5′ (+/-3″)
    • 15″ city bikes accommodate riders ~5’4″ (+/-3″)
    • 19″ city bikes accommodate riders ~5’10” (+/-3″)
    • 21″ city bikes accommodate riders ~6’2″ (+/-3″)
    • 23″ city bikes accommodate riders ~6’4″ (+/-3″)
    • 51cm road bikes accommodate riders ~5’1″ (+/-3″)
    • 54cm road bikes accommodate riders ~5’7″ (+/-3″)
    • 58cm road bikes accommodate riders ~6’1″ (+/-3″)
    • 61cm road bikes accommodate riders ~6’5″ (+/-3″)


    In addition to helmets and locks, by request we will provide the following free of charge; Maps, An emergency kit, SPD compatible pedals, and Lights for night riding. If you want to ride with clipless pedals, we recommend bringing your own. We will install them for you.

    Oregon Tours

    1 (503) 243-2453
    133 sw 2nd avenue portland, or, 97204