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Bikers Mean Business

Yay for logic, facts, and the scientific method!

There are all kinds of opinions floating around out there about how biking is good or bad or unsafe or healthier, etc.  And, of course, everyone is somewhat biased toward their chosen means of transportation.  So when it comes time to set policy and make changes, real data makes all the difference.  For instance, many business owners are opposed to removing car parking spaces to make room for bike corrals.  Similarly, many business owners oppose the creation of bike lanes on major downtown roadways.  The reasons for this opposition?  The general opinion is that affluent people (aka, good car owning/driving folk who can afford to buy goods) can’t find parking right in front of the businesses, so they choose not to shop in those locations which surely they would otherwise frequent.  This debate has raged on in many cities for years with little actual data to inform the opinions of either side.  So I was relieved to see this excellent article on a study by Portland State University which sought to measure the economic effect of car-free shoppers.  Guess what they found?  Read and find out…

Bicyclists, pedestrians and TriMet riders outspend drivers at small businesses: Portland State University study


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